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We met in 2003. We married in 2006. Had our first child in 2010. Finished undergraduate in Omaha and graduate school in Denver. Moved home to Nebraska in 2011 to be near family. Had our second child in 2012 and launched our vintage business in 2013. We participated in over 20 shows over the next 7 years when in 2019 Melissa went full time vintage and Jacob joined in 2021.15Two is a reference to the board game cribbage. It's a reference to the countless cups of coffee and hours spent in conversation we’ve had while playing cards and counting scores. It's a reference to life. We are contrasting personalities obsessed with living out purpose on this planet.

We sell vintage furniture and accessories, but our prayer is that we sell pieces that make your home feel safe, joyful, comfortable, beautiful & purposeful. We consider it a true privilege to get to work together! We’ve done it with many arguments and disagreements, but with a sure belief that we are together on purpose and for a purpose.

Melissa is the brains, the perfectionist, and the photographer. She is what makes 15Two Home beautiful! She is hyper-driven, and truly obsessive about getting things just right. Jacob is her compliment. He does the pickups, the drop-offs, the communications, and the sales. If you meet 15Two Home, you’ll talk to Jacob. But when that piece lands in your space, it’s Melissa that you take home with you. Every piece is hand-picked by her. Each piece is designed to bring momentary beauty, purpose & happiness into your home but also a much greater goal of real conversation, relationship and joy!

Thanks for letting us be part of your homes & lives! We hope you truly love whatever you find at 15Two Home as much as we love being 15Two Home!  

               Jacob and Melissa Peterson

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