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  • How Does Delivery Work?
    Omaha and Lincoln Delivery: We offer Delivery within the Omaha and Lincoln Metro areas. Omaha Metro includes Omaha proper, Elkhorn, Gretna, Bennington, Yutan, Valley, Waterloo, Papillion, La Vista, Bellevue and Council Bluffs. Lincoln Metro includes Lincoln, Waverly, and Ashland. After purchase, you will need to book your delivery at Delivery in Omaha is on Monday's between 5-8pm (Spring/Summer Hours) and Lincoln on Thursdays between 1pm and 4pm . We will not deliver pieces into the home (you can understand the potential liability issues associated with that). We can load into the garage with assistance and supervision of the home owner. For large item delivery, the home owner must be present. If the home owner is not present at the arranged delivery time, an additional $50.00 delivery fee will be charged in order to complete delivery when home owner is present. If delivery is not completed within 14 days of purchase with reasonable attempts made on the part of the seller, a refund will be made for the purchase price minus a 25% restocking fee. Questions about delivery? Just shoot us an email at
  • How does pickup work?
    We offer pickup by appointment only. Pickups for storefront purchases outside of normal storefront hours will be charged a storage fee of $25 per week. Online pickups need to be completed within 14 days or storage fees will apply. You'll pick up from our storage facility near 192nd and Maple. Please text us at 402-543-3210 to arrange for pickup.
  • Returns and Refunds???
    Most of the items we sell have already had a lifetime. Most are going to have dings, dents, scratches, and "character." We never intentionally hide anything about our items. Please check the items thoroughly before purchase. All items are sold "as is." Misrepresented Items: Each item will have dimensions listed and any significant damage marks photographed (online only). If upon delivery you can demonstrate the item was misrepresented and it is no longer acceptable for your use, we will issue a full refund (online only). We do not offer refunds on items once it has been purchased (storefront ) or inspected and received by the buyer (online). The Reasonable People Guarantee Beyond this, we are reasonable people. We love people and love what we get to do. If there are extenuating circumstances, we are not a major corporation with policy after policy to guide our decisions. We are people who want you to love our business and the products we provide. If there are any issues, let's hash it out and we'll come to a reasonable conclusion together.
  • Do you purchase as well?
    Absolutely! If you think you've got some items (or an entire house full!) that we may be interested in, simply send us a message through the "Contact" link at the top of this page. We will tell you like it is according to our standards of honoring and loving people. We're not interested in ripping you off. We are interested in passing along your pieces to the network of people that are looking for them. Looking forward to meeting to see what you have!
  • Can we check out an item prior to purchase?
    For online items, we do not hold for purchase but we are happy to schedule appointments for items to be seen prior to purchase. Should the item sell before the scheduled appointment time, we will immediately cancel the appointment. We will not sell items at the storefront prior to open storefront hours in order to ensure fairness for all buyers.
  • After purchase, how long will you hold an item?"
    Storage space is very limited. We will hold an item after purchase for up to 14 days (online only). If you have not picked up or arranged for delivery within 14 days, there is a $25 per week (minimum 1 week) fee per item. Communication is key. You can call or text to 402-543-3210 or email us at If we have not heard from you regarding your wishes after the 14 days of free holding, we will issue a refund minus a 25% restocking fee. Items purchased at the storefront must be picked up by the end of business hours same day. If not picked up, item will be moved into storage at 192nd and Maple and storage fees will immediately apply at $25 per week.
  • Can I purchase an item in advance of Saturday store hours?
    For any item that has been featured in our social media accounts or marketing, we will not do advance sales...these items will be first come, first served at our storefront at 118 N McKenna Ave during our regularly scheduled hours.
  • Do you take requests for products?
    We do not currently take requests. Everything is first come, first serve to our website or the storefront. We receive so many requests for our most popular items that we do not currently have the capacity to monitor and follow through on those requests. Follow along on Instagram to see some previews of items in our upcoming shop drops.
  • Can I purchase storefront items through the website?
    The inventory at the storefront and on the website are entirely different. Items in the storefront will not be available for purchase through the website and items on the website will not be available to purchase in store.
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